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About Me

Kyle Weidenhaft (age 33)
Born July 26th, 1984
Coos Bay, Oregon

I started out as a programmer, making several applications just as a hobby. I ended up getting tired of making programs that nobody would actually download and use.

I continued on as an independent computer service technician, hired to fix computers, build networks, design websites, and do just about everything computer-related, leaving my application programming behind.

I ended up switching my specialty to websites when I worked as a Website Engineer at a web hosting company (). I still worked on computer programs by request whenever my talent was needed.

I worked a little more than a year at a non-profit organization (BAE) as a computer technician, refurbishing donated computers and putting them back in circulation.

I now spend my time hanging out with my friends and writing AddOn code for World of Warcraft while looking for my next job adventure.

MHS Senior Photo (May 2002)