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"Zytre", Final Fantasy® XI ©2005 Square Enix Co., Ltd. ©2005-2017 SDPhantom

Game Art
WoW Zandrin & Yunbrez Zandrin and Yunbrez sitting together.
WoW Feldryn Family Feldryn and Vanilla with their kitten.
WoW Feldryn & Vanilla (Cats) Feldryn and Vanilla laying together.
PWI Zeryth & Ashere Signature Forum signature image of Zeryth and Ashere.
WoW Zakrus' Family Photo 2 (Revised) Added in are Zakrus' son, Kaelis, and other daughter, Kitara.
WoW Order of the Tankard: Pimp Brigade Screenshot featured on the Order of the Tankard website.
FFXI Zytre & Kt Recent attempt at another FFXI-themed picture.
WoW Xaron's Family Photo Xaron cuddling with Mysti and Milaunia.
WoW Zethuis Concept Character design for Death Knight Zethius, Zakrus' demon form.
WoW 3 Bears #2 Screenshot of the 3 druid bears in shot #1 dancing.
WoW 3 Bears #1 Screenshot of Xaron and a couple other druids in bear form.
WoW Xaron & Mysti (Cats) I'm not going to explain. Some things are best to be left unsaid. LOL
WoW Zakrus' Family Photo 2 Zakrus and his wives along with his and Sephura's daughter, Selindria.
WoW Xaron & Mysti Xaron and Mysti having "fun".
WoW Xaron & Mysti (Feral) Xaron and Mysti sitting together in their feral forms.
WoW Character Map This depicts the main character of every race I play in WoW.
WoW Xaron & Missy Dance picture of Xaron and Missy.
WoW Zakrus & Jaspir Screenshot of Zakrus petting his cat familiar, Jaspir.
WoW Zakrus & Celesstial Zakrus with Celesstial
WoW Demon Zakrus (Glow) Zakrus' true form with glow effect.
WoW Demon Zakrus (Normal) Illustration of Zakrus' true form.
WoW Dark Lords of Chaos Guild photo of the Dark Lords of Chaos.
WoW Xaron & Dareas Xaron (in cat form) and Dareas.
WoW Zakrus' Family Photo Zakrus, Sephura, Exandriel, and Areya.
WoW Zakrus & "Angelus" Concept v2 Zakrus and a redesigned "Angelus" in the red Valentine's Day dress.
WoW Zakrus & "Angelus" Concept (Sleep) Zakrus and "Angelus" cuddling. (I couldn't refuse to make this version.)
WoW Zakrus & "Angelus" Concept (Cast) Original design for Zakrus and a concept character I named "Angelus".
WoW Zakrus Concept Original design for Zakrus before Burning Crusade was released.
FFXI Cupid Zytre Screenshot of Zytre that made me laugh my ass off.
FFXI Ninja Zytre Screenshot of Zytre in Crawler Nest. Can you spot the real one?
FFXI Animated Zytre Battle Stance Animated picture of Zytre I made to try out some new things. Big image (1.5MB)
FFXI Zytre & Hailene Zytre in his RDM artifact chestpiece and slacks with Hailene in a wedding dress.
FFXI Zytre & Niome (Teamwork) Zytre and Niome, both in their relic armor (RDM and WHM).
FFXI Zytre & Niome (Cast) Zytre in his RDM relic armor and Niome in a wedding dress.
FFXI Falling GM Ever see a GM (Game Master) fall on his ass?
FFXI Zytre & Niome (Matrix) Matrix-themed image of Zytre and Niome.