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"Zakrus", World of Warcraft®:The Burning Crusade™ ©2007 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. ©2005-2018 SDPhantom

Feel free to browse what I have in my online archive.
Items may appear as I release old files from my local archive or develop new ones.

WoW AddOns (WoW 3.2)
Spell List v1.0
Spell List is a spell database browser for WoW. It features a live scanner and filtering system to let you play the game while the addon does its work. Searches can be performed on the list by both spell name/rank and spell ID.
Note: This addon retrieves the tooltip info for the queried spell.
Information such as who can cast the spell or even if the spell is still in use by the game is not available.
SpellWatch v6.0
SpellWatch was made to keep track of spell durations cast on your target.
SpellWatch is designed to work with any class and most spell triggers without any configuration needed.

Note: Does not work with enchantment-type effects.
Engineer items aren't supported, but they're planned to be at a later date.
SpellWatchLite v3.0
Miniture version of SpellWatch, made to tag onto
Cooldown frames and display their remaining duration.
MapCoords v1.0
Mapcoords is a simple AddOn to display your current coordinates on the minimap.
Panic!Key v1.1
Adds a key binding option to immediately close the game client.
SlashHelp v2.0
SlashHelp enables the user to search all registered emotes, chat types, and slash commands as they type.
SlashHelp includes within the result list, any slash commands registered by other AddOns as well.
Spydon v1.1
Moitors and reports traffic through the hidden AddOn channel.
ToolTip Unit v1.0
TTUnit was made to add additional information to the GameTooltip regarding Mouseover units.
Current enhancements include a model display and power bar of the unit under the cursor.

Note: There is a known issue with some mobs being drawn oversized or out of position (some not at all).
This is an issue with Blizzard's Model object code and I've given up attempts to work around it.

HTML Applications (HTA)
Matrix Roller (6x6)
6x6 matrix D&D stat roller.
Matrix Roller (7x7)
7x7 matrix D&D stat roller.